• Green area development

  • Stone construction

  • Green area maintenance

  • With over 30 years of experience

Pohjolan Kivi- ja Viherrakennus Oy

With over 30 years of experience, we offer high quality and cost-effective expertise within green area development and stone construction. Our customers are infra builders, construction companies, cities, congregations and other public sector entities.


Part-time and total contract work within green area development
Stone construction (environmental stone works, facades and floors)
Green area maintenance

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Sale of natural stone

We import and sell natural stone with over 15 years of experience. In addition to Finnish setts and stone blocks, we import stone from China, Portugal and Poland.

Project-specific sale

  • Environmental stones
  • Stone products for construction of buildings
  • Decorative stones 

Standard products at our stock

  • Granite curbstones R8, 10 and 17
  • Granite curbstones V17 and V22
  • Granite setts 100x100x100 and 50x50x50



References from 2015

– Pedestrian street in Kajaani, natural stone works and plantings
– Kivisydän (underground parking facility) in Oulu, concrete paving, clinker, sett and curbstone works
– Haukiväylä roundabout, traffic islands in Haukipudas, concrete paving, natural stone works and plantings
– Pyhäjoki church, roof water drainage, green area works
– Group kindergarten in Nurmes, concrete paving, retaining walls, natural stone and green area works
– Central kitchen in Rautavaara, concrete paving, natural stone and green area works
– Oulainen, Vihanti and Ruukki, installations of guide plates at the railway stations
– Pulkkila and Rantsila, setts and green area works in and around bus shelters
– Pudasjärvi, curbstone works, paving and field stone paving in and around traffic islands
– Palokangas Oulu, curbstone works and paving in and around traffic islands
– Heikkilänkangas school in Oulu, retaining walls and concrete paving
– Smaller paving and curbstone works

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Harri Hako-Rita – 0400 28 3079
Henrik Hako-Rita – 044 2982 436


Office address: Alipääntie 151 92640 Leskelä

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